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Ninja pizza girl

This Legacy Edition package contains the most Call of Duty Activision's ever compiled, but the quality of each individual piece is so all over the map that it's still hard to recommend.

Mafia III is a smartly written and enthralling open-world action game bogged down by technical issues and a repetitive structure.

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All backers receiving a copy of Ninja Pizza Girl will be eligible for our opt-in alpha access program starting immediately after the Kickstarter campaign!

All backers receiving a copy of Ninja Pizza Girl can chose between a PC + Mac + Linux + Steam key or Wii U or XBox One. Backers receiving multiple copies can mix and match platforms.

Ninja Pizza Girl is a fast-paced platform game about speed and flow, about big jumps and giant drops and yelling out “Woohoo!” It’s a game of freedom and fun for speed runners and platformer newcomers alike. It’s also a game about Gemma,a sixteen-year-old girl trying to keep her dreams alive in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.

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